Ancient Egypt Song

So here’s another era in time I had to learn about whilst studying for ‘The Wayback Machine’ EP.  Ancient Egypt!  This is about my Ancient Egypt Song!

Rapping about being in Ancient Egypt turned out to be no easy feat.  As it turns out, it lasted for about 3,000 years and is considered the longest lasting civilisation in human history.  So far it has lasted far longer than our own civilisation yet it existed and dissipated before our current civilisation even got underway.  Quite a humbling thought!

It’s very easy to blend all of Egyptian history into one which made things difficult when trying to figure what part in time I was going to write about.  I was going to write about Cleopatra and then came to the realisation that this was right at the tail end of Ancient Egyptian history.  She was the last Egyptian Pharaoh and actually not really an Egyptian.  She was in fact part of the Ptolemaic dynasty and was in actual fact Greek!

With all the above being the case I decided rap about a time in Egyptian history you might consider more quintessentially ‘Egyptian’.

And that brings me to Sneferu.  Arguably the greatest and most underrated Egyptian pharaoh of all time!  (I sure hope his spirit doesn’t come after me after my portrayal of him in the song hahah).  Below are 2 videos.  1 specifically about Sneferu, the other about general Ancient Egyptian history.  Both great videos for all you history geeks out there!


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