Dealing with Criticism

I want to talk about dealing with criticism.  Criticism is something you’re inevitably going to go through whatever you do.  Especially if you actually stand for something.   It’s important to remember it’s ok to royally fuck up sometimes especially when you have good intentions behind those actions.  These embarrassing moments are often the times you learn the most and the quickest.  Everyone stumbles.  The people that never succeed are the people that didn’t fail enough.  All that being said, sometimes you can do everything right and with the best of intentions and still receive staunch criticism from people.

I’m fully aware some people are simply not going to like my music, me as a rapper/producer or me as a person.  And they’re entitled to their opinion.  The balancing act comes from knowing how much of it you should take to heart and how much you should ignore.  Anything artistic and creative is very subjective.  There are people that don’t like music the majority would consider to me classic.  I still laugh at some of the heavy criticism Led Zeppelin received upon the release of their first self titled album.  Yet now, they’re considered one of the most important acts in the history of popular music.

I think the key is to decide where the criticism is coming from and how constructive it is.  If it’s not constructive you’re best off ignoring it and not taking it to heart.  It’s merely people’s opinion and it isn’t necessarily correct or well thought out.  It can at best just be their emotional knee jerk reaction.

On the other hand when people come to you from a place of giving constructive feedback it is important to at least listen.

To some degree though it is a little bit like comedy.  Often the funniest people are more concerned with making themselves laugh more so than making other people laugh.  It’s much like the perspective I put forward in my article on How to Have Powerful Stage Presence as a Rapper.  The hungry don’t get fed.  It’s impossible to please everyone and have everybody like you especially in a world where there have people that violently hated Ghandi!  So rather than disparately trying to please everybody with your music or your art, look to try and at least please yourself first whilst keeping an ear open for the constructive thoughts of others.

Aristotle  said it best;

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

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