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Hip Hop Artist’s First Attempt at Drum and Bass

This video is a Hip Hop artist’s first attempt at Drum and Bass.  Most people know me for making Hip Hop but I’ve been experimenting with other genres and styles to challenge myself and broaden my creative horizons.  I’ve been experimenting with Grime as you may already know and I intend on doing more Grime in the future.  Recently though, I also teamed up with awesome liquid Drum & Bass producer and fellow Southampton local Al Pack to make track combining my loose Hip Hop style with Al Pack precision, soulful liquid Drum and Bass style.  I really like the direction we’re going in with this track although it’s early days.

The video below shows some early lyrical and flow ideas.  It’s basically my first attempt at Drum & Bass.  It’s very rough and somewhat thrown together because I’m committing to uploading at least 2 videos per month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month and at the time of posting I’m away in the beautiful country that is Oman so I was somewhat limited as to the type of video I could do.  I also didn’t have enough time present a fully finished video with regards to the lyrics and flow on this new track.

Either way despite the imperfections of this video in terms of visual quality, sound and even flow and lyricism you’ll at least get a good idea of where this track’s going and how I go about flashing out ideas for lyrics on a song.

Enjoy the video!!


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