KRS One Rap Battling

Ok, so this isn’t KRS One rap battling but this is an awesome interview with KRS One that I just had to share!

This interview is fascinating as one of my favourite people on the planet KRS One goes in depth about numerous different subjects.  He talks about everything from rap battling to the art of freestyling all the way over to the ‘scam’ of universities! It seems that not a stone is left unturned when listening to this whole interview as KRS One talks fully and openly about rap culture, the music industry and then goes into far deeper subjects.

For those of you that read my post on being too old to rap, KRS One is a fine example of how an emcee can still be relevant despite his age. Age has nothing to do with ability as an emcee! KRS can still drop knowldge and still stay relevant because he still has the love and the passion for the art form and is driven by a strong desire to teach the youth! In fact I would argue that is age grants him more wisdom, thus making him a better emcee.

In this interview he makes some very interesting observations. One in particular is his view on rap battling. He is of the opinion that rap battling isn’t as important as it used to be with regards to being a complete emcee.  He goes on to explain his reasons why.

If you consider yourself a real fan of rap and hip hop culture you have to watch this video!


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