Learning from Drum and Bass MCs

I’ve been learning from Drum and Bass MCs recently.  It’s a genre I’ve always loved and been a fan of as well as Jungle but it’s only with this song I’ve been working on with producer Al Pack that I’ve finally had a chance to try and flex my own skills as an MC in that genre.  As I showed in my post and video a Hip Hop Artist’s First Attempt at Drum and Bass.

As I’ve said many times over, traditionally I’ve just made Hip Hop but it’s with the positive reception I got from my Grime track from Scratch that I’ve been inspired to try other styles and experiment more as a producer and MC.  I’ve looked at classic records featuring the likes of General Levy, UK Apache and Dynamite MC.  But I also came across a great video from 1Xtra with a host of Grime and Drum and Bass MCs.  It’s an awesome watch featuring Mr Jam and the great DJ Friction and fills me with tons of inspiration.  In fact after watching this I might try and get my DnB on more often as an MC….


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