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A Rapper That Loves Nick Drake

I’m a rapper that loves Nick Drake!  This may surprise many of you with my love of Rap, Hip Hop etc but this is one of my favourite songwriters ever and actually quite a big influence on me. Many of my rapper friend’s won’t get it cause you’d all rather just sit in your bubble listening to nothing but rap and argue over multi-syllables and punchlines, but fuck it! Break out your shell. Nick Drake is a true legend!Continue reading

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Kool G Rap vs Celsius

Kool G Rap VS Celsius

So I did a remix Kool G Rap VS Celsius.  Basically combining one of my all time favourite rappers Kool G Rap with one of my favourite dance tracks in recent years, ‘Incoming’ by Celsius.  I took Kool G Rap’s a capella from the track ‘Ill Street Blues’ and put it over the top of the ‘Incoming’ track.  The result works rather well in my opinion (but then I would say that).  It really changes the dynamic to the G Rap’s lyrics compared to how they fit on the original ‘Ill Street Blues’ beat.Continue reading

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Funky DJ Mix Icon

Funky DJ Mix

I put together a funky DJ Mix of some of my favourite music.  When I’m not rapping and making beats I also DJ, hence my bio ‘Rapper, Producer AND DJ’…. Other than the numerous DJ gigs I do, I rarely get to show off my DJ skills so I thought I’d treat you to a DJ Mix I put together featuring a lot of my favourite music. It’s not just in the realm of Rap and Hip Hop that you might know me for. There’s also a fine mix upbeat Funk, Soul, House and Garage.  I like to mix genres when I DJ as there’s such a huge amount of insight you can gain from listening to numerous forms of music even if you’re strictly a rapper.Continue reading

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Why Conspiracy Theories Piss Me Off

Continue reading

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Jack of All Trades VS Master of One?

Very often I try to consider whether it is better to be a jack of all trades vs master of one.  Or rather, if I should focus my attention on numerous pursuits or focus on one in particular.Continue reading

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StarTalk GZA

Science and Rap

Here’s an excellent episode of science show StarTalk.  It talks about science and rap and features Wu-Tang’s GZA!  It’s hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.Continue reading

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Dealing with Criticism

I want to talk about dealing with criticism.  Criticism is something you’re inevitably going to go through whatever you do.  Especially if you actually stand for something.   It’s important to remember it’s ok to royally fuck up sometimes especially when you have good intentions behind those actions.  These embarrassing moments are often the times you learn the most and the quickest.  Everyone stumbles.  The people that never succeed are the people that didn’t fail enough.  All that being said, sometimes you can do everything right and with the best of intentions and still receive staunch criticism from people.Continue reading

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Fire in the Booth

Fire in the Booth Cypher?

As many Rap fans in the UK will be aware there was a recent Fire in the Booth Cypher (the first ever in fact) featured on Charlie Sloth’s BBC Radio 1 Rap Show.

It featured some of the UK’s most popular rappers today and no doubt they went in!    Nonetheless it called into question what a real ‘cypher’ is.  As was expressed in this GRM Daily post which shows an interesting twitter discussion between Swiss of So Solid Crew and Charlie Sloth himself.  In Swiss’ opinion in a ‘real cypher’ rappers don’t know what beat they’re going to be rhyming to.  Many would argue a step further and say that rappers shouldn’t even know what their rhymes are going to be either and should in fact be all off the top.

Continue reading

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Learn How To Rap eBook cover

Freestyling VS Pre-Written? Does It Matter?

This is a question often asked and thought about in rap circles especially amongst rap purists.  Freestyling VS Pre-Written? Does it matter?  In other words does it matter whether a rapper pre-wrote his or her lyrics, or whether they came up with them on the fly?Continue reading

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JD evo

The Good and Bad of Digital DJing

Yes as the musical world has now been thoroughly digitally overthrown, I thought I’d take a look at the good and bad of digital DJing.

I was once a purist in the world of Hip Hop with a very ‘dustier than now’ disposition.  This is both in terms of DJing and music production.  I had no interest in using computers.  I only sampled from vinyl (ok occasionally from CD shhh!…) I’d only play with ‘real’ records.  None of this CDJ rubbish and heaven forbid I use Serato or Traktor. Continue reading

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