Guru Jazzmatazz

What Jazz Taught Me About Hip Hop Part 1

I want to explain what jazz taught me about hip hop.  My last post was centred around how jazz made me want to produce hip hop.   I explained how listening to the likes of A Tribe Called Quest really inspired me to want to create hip hop music rather than just rap over it.Continue reading

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Guru Jazzmatazz

Jazz Made Me Want to Produce Hip Hop

Yes it’s true!  Jazz Made Me Want to Produce Hip Hop.  I’ll explain how…  The genres really aren’t all that far apart and most avid Hip Hop fans are familiar with Jazz’s influence and how common place it is.  Nonetheless I still think many take it for granted and I’m rather surprised by how many fellow rappers I come across that love Hip Hop to death yet say they really hate Jazz more than any other music, WTF??Continue reading

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Punk Aliens

Punked Aliens

There’s a new song on the way combining punked aliens with rap.  Yes it is a crazy mix indeed!…..Continue reading

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Old and new hip hop

90s Hip Hop VS Now

The so called ‘Golden Era’ 90s Hip Hop VS Now is something that is regularly debated.  Often in favour of the former.  People want to talk about how the youth of today just don’t understand Hip Hop.  I hear the arguments but to be honest I think it echoes that of the older generation moaning about Hip Hop when it was first developed.  Or similarly the older generation before them complaining about this new ‘evil’ Rock music, or ‘devil music’ as some would have referred to it.Continue reading

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Raw Zone Pic

AFTV:Raw Zone

So the good guys of Art Formz featured me in one of their videos for AFTV Raw Zone.Continue reading

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Lotd BS

Behind The Scenes of Lord of the Dead

This video shows behind the scenes of Lord of the Dead.  It’s a fun video showing how the artwork, costumes and more importantly the makeup was done.Continue reading

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Learn How To Rap eBook cover

5 Tips To Improve Your Rap Flow

I thought I’d give you 5 tips to improve your rap flow. I consider a rappers flow and ability to deliver punchlines the first things people notice when deciding how good a rapper is.Continue reading

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Making a Jazz Piano Beat

There are 2 videos below of me making a Jazz Piano beat.  Continue reading

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The Death of the Album?

Is this the death of the album?  In this internet age that is a very valid question.
Continue reading

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The Mystery of Death

The Mystery of Death was the second song I wrote for my zombie rap album Lord of the Dead.Continue reading

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