Making a Grime Beat with a Twist of Jazz

This video shows me making a Grime beat with a twist Jazz!  This is following on from the reception I got from my older video showing me Making a Grime Instrumental from Scratch.

 As I said in my previous post Looks Like I Need to Make More Grime.  This video is a lot shorter at 3 minutes compared to my first Grime beat that was 20 minutes long.  I decided to massively condense this video without me talking or explaining what I was doing because I had the feedback from a few people saying they wanted me to talk less with more actual beat making.  As always it’s a balancing act and I might well not be talking enough in this video unlike the original Grime beat.  Either way I will find out and refine what I’m doing as I continue to put out more beats and videos.  Either way thanks for the love and feedback everyone!!

In this video I wanted to do something different from what I hear in most Grime beats by actually people in some Jazz style piano chords in there and I think it compliments the beat well in giving it some thought provoking feeling.  I can’t wait to write bars to this one!


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