Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine

The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine is finally here!  After what seemed like bloody ages, me and Drunk Pedestrians have finally released our first collaborative project together!  To quote our project description;

This concept EP is about the wacky adventures of British Rapper Lord Lav and the Drunk Pedestrians as they embark on a journey through space and time across many parts of the world through different eras of time in human history.  Expect a blend of upbeat comedy (El Paso 1889), thought provoking political musings (Miami 1986) to an outright absurd look to the future (Somewhere in the future…).  This EP is the first collaborative project between British Rapper ‘Lord Lav’ and Nebraskan based Producer Chris Scheidies.

This EP is available pretty much everywhere!  But you can also download it for free by clicking on the picture below!

You can check out one of our videos for this project, ‘Mississippi Delta 1920’ here;

You can also read the song descriptions below;

01.Mississippi Delta 1920

This song takes place along the Delta Mississippi River during the 1920’s with Lord Lav exploring the old blues masters looking at his take on the blues and how “It sits on my soul like a human condition/Yet grants man the gift of authentic realism…”  At the same time as comparing rap to the blues… “Rap tells you to fly/when you ain’t no pilot/blues knows you will die/but gives you rye to hide it…”  Whilst he also takes a comical look at Prohibition during the time and how it never would have worked back home.  “Bid to take my pint away?/ I wouldn’t wanna try it/ beer banned on a Sunday caused a British wide riot”   All this happens as a funky blues harmonica loops throughout with heavy drums and blues cuts.

02.El Paso 1889

We jump from Mississippi 1920, back to the Old West in El Paso 1889.  An upbeat tack piano based beat plays throughout giving this song a jovial feel lending itself to the comical, drunken tale that unfolds as Lord Lav winds up drunk in a Western Saloon only to end up in a dangerous sexual exploit.

03.Somewhere in the future…

Jumping forward now to a vague part in human history where humans can now control and shape the cosmos to their own individual preferences.  A slightly sarcastic tone runs through the chorus with the words “Living in the future’s bliss.”  This track experiments with crazy futuristic synth sounds as Lord Lav takes a cautionary look at what type of future could be ahead of us….

04.Dahshur 2600 BC

Jumping further back again, this time to ancient Egypt.  This track has an almost ‘Looney Tunes’ feel to it both instrumentally and lyrically accompanied by a snappy Hip Hop beat.  A menacing, yet upbeat Egyptian sound maintains whilst Lord Lav tells how he has been greeted the by the people of Egypt based on his strange language and futuristic clothing.  This is all much to the distaste of Pharaoh Sneferu.

05.Miami 1986

Putting a political spin on this EP.  We come closer to present day as Chris and Lord Lav get caught in the middle of a drug war between a trafficking drug gang and the police.  All the while Lord Lav laments on the society of the time perhaps even drawing some parallels to present day with a look at the materialistic nature of people and the hypocrisy of the war on drugs yet still understanding people’s need for dreams and aspirations, “If you improve the mood/can you improve a nation?/tell the truth I never hated either Thatcher or Reagan/I got American dreams/I want the freedom to chase them/but can we all be free, without any taxation?”  This track exudes an 80’s feeling throughout instrumentally with tense synthesis almost reminiscent of one of the old TV shows of the time mixed in with numerous 80’s captions in the media

06.Brighton 1977

The final track on the EP finishes slightly further back in time to the British south-coast city of Brighton in the late 70’s.  This track has a lounging laid back vibe with the smooth guitar and jazzy glockenspiel beat.  Lord Lav muses upon the feeling of the era throughout the developed world as it went from the dizzying heights of the 60’s and explosion of pop culture, to a more structured, more mature and aware look towards the future perhaps drawing comparisons to his own life.  There is also a nod to the punk movement and all the more so a homage to the birth of Hip Hop in the chorus, “Rock, rock y’all, Freak, freak y’all, we keep on….”

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