Plans for a New Style of Live Set!

I have plans for a new Style of live set!  If you’ve ever come to see me live or watched any of my live streams from Periscope you’ll know I love to freestyle and come with some crazy live improvised rhymes.  To me this is an important part of Hip Hop as I always want to perform my recorded songs but also want to balanced that with things that are free and improvised because then I know people get something different every show, even if you were to follow me to every gig on every tour.  It adds an extra element that can only be demonstrated in a live situation.  This is why I talk about the importance and benefits learning to freestyle for all you beginner rappers out there.

Whilst I’ve been freestyling for years in terms of rapping I’ve not been able to do quite the same thing when it comes to instrumentals.  I’ve generally been constrained to having to use pre-recorded instrumentals and perform my bars to them.  Unless I’ve performed with a band like Zen Juddhism I’ve not really had much opportunity to experiment with live instrumentation because I make pre-recorded beats.  UNTIL NOW!!

Thankfully we live in a time where you can now improvise with pre-recorded tracks using software and hardware like Ableton and Push!  So watch this space… I’m still working on my 2 EPs that are due out later this year but when I take this all live I also intend to add some extra more live elements to this whole thing!  I’ll show you videos as and when they come!
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