Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine

The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine is finally here!  After what seemed like bloody ages, me and Drunk Pedestrians have finally released our first collaborative project together!Continue reading

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Interview with IllMuzik Forum

I did an interview with IllMuzik Forum.  You can check the IllMuzik interview here.  I talk about the ‘Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’ with fellow collaborator Drunk Pedestrians.Continue reading

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A Change in My Politics

There’s been a change in my politics recently, particularly in recent months.  A very sharp change in fact. After my country’s recent decision to leave the EU that’s become all the more apparent.  There was once upon a time I dreamed of the UK leaving the EU and seriously hoped that would happen.  Yet ironically when it came to actually voting, I chose to Remain and was similarly depressed by our democratic decision to leave.   So how and why did my politics change so much and what was my politics in the first place??Continue reading

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B.O.B Flat Earth

The B.O.B flat earth debacle demonstrates perfectly how rich and famous entertainers can be so unbelievably ignorant, gullible and arguably really fucking stupid!! …..OR NOT!!Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech

I had some thoughts I wanted to share with regards to freedom of speech.  It’s very common nowadays to see people asking others to sign petitions in order to ban said individual into the country (UK) or become outraged and accuse others of ‘hate speech’ for having opinions they disagree with, or opinions critical of their own.Continue reading

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The 1970’s

Another era we looked at for ‘The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’  was the 1970’s.Continue reading

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Ancient Egypt Song

So here’s another era in time I had to learn about whilst studying for ‘The Wayback Machine’ EP.  Ancient Egypt!  This is about my Ancient Egypt Song!Continue reading

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Alcohol Prohibition

Whilst studying for the Wayback Machine EP I also had to learn about the 1920’s Alcohol Prohibition era in the USA.Continue reading

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Cocaine Cowboys

Studying for the Wayback Machine once again I watched the documentary Cocaine Cowboys!  I’m going to give you another taster as some of the subject matter that is going to be in this Rap EP about Time Travel, ‘The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’.  Continue reading

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Why Conspiracy Theories Piss Me Off

Continue reading

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