Rat Race

So here’s a song I did about my trails in the rat race called “Jobsworth”.

This song was based on the time I spent whilst being unemployed.  The need to chase irrelevant work and money whilst still following my dreams to be a full time rapper.

The rat race is probably a big underlying basis for a lot of my songs, because it is something that seems to dictate most of our lives more than anything else.

A lot of the time we quit our dreams to pursue a “sensible” life. But that is rarely a fulfilling choice and it is generally wiser to actually go out and pursue whatever it is that will make you happy. At the same time we still have challenges we have to overcome. You can’t just quit your job and jump into your new dream job as if by magic.  If you do that, you’ll run out of money pretty fast.  Although I would say that there can be benefits to quitting you day job if it really makes you unhappy, provided you have an idea as to what you actually want to do and to have at least a fairly reasonable plan.

We still have to make money anyway we can whilst pursuing our dreams. A good way I heard of looking at the situation is by thinking of it as being on a train.  If you’re on a train and it’s going in the wrong direction, you can’t just jump off and land on the train going in the right direction. You have to find out which train is heading in the direction you want to go, wait for the train you’re on to slow down at the best stop, then get off and get on the correct train.

Anyway this song of mine titled “Jobsworth” is about me wanting to get out of this rat race where it seems everybody is running around chasing something, when they don’t really know what it is, hence the chorus;

“…you run around with your briefcase/without thinking what you’re trying to chase.”lord-lav-cover-1

You’ll also hear about the numerous jobs I’ve done and the increasing difficulty in trying to prove my worth in these jobs. I find it funny how much hoop jumping you have to do to get an easy minimal wage job that a monkey could do. But I guess that is a side effect of this day and age with the majority of people looking for an easy, secure job in this so called ‘insecure financial climate’. I remember I was offered an interview for a job as a baker (also referenced in this song), where I was asked so many questions and tested and trialled when the job itself really was not that difficult. It was putting dough in an oven, not fucking rocket science. Anyway I decided to politely decline the job offer largely because it was mind numbingly boring and supposedly required at least 2 years of dedication to do the job lol!  This of course was not in line with what I was personally after, which was a simple stop gap job to give me money whilst I pursued my dreams of being a full time rapper.

This is the challenge the majority of us face when we have aims to earn money doing something we love that is not a run of the mill standard job.  For us to pursue a career as it were, in something “sensible” means we end up having to prioritise that over our dreams which I think is a mistake and not necessary in this internet day and age. So this means we resort to getting medial jobs that are more, ‘pick up and put down’ so to speak. The problem we have now is there is an awful lot of competition for these medial jobs. To me this another down side to everyone playing life safe.

Anyway enjoy my song titled “Jobsworth”.

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