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The Power Of Now

It’s the concept behind the power of now that initially inspired my song ‘Wave’.

When I say the power of now I mean the book by Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’.  Many people write it off as some new aged bull crap, but personally that book always resonated with me from when I first read it.  It’s the book that really inspired the lyrics to my song ‘Wave’ where I talk about battling with my thoughts and emotions in daily life.  How I will put off actually being happy now for some illusionary idea of happiness in the future as well as my tendency to always look for answers to things outside of myself.  I’ve had this habit of always looking for some guru or mentor in my life and treating that person as some sort of infallible prophet with all the answers to life.

The truth is, such a person or entity does not exist.  Whenever you look to learn from a teacher or mentor, you have to realise they are as human as you and they too have faults and insecurities. Teachers can’t answer or solve all our problems or questions no matter how much we admire them.  As we walk down our path of daily life teachers can only point us in the right direction based on the information we give them. We still have to be the ones to physically walk down the path.  This is partially my thinking behind the song ‘Wave’ with the line;

“I swayed a wise sheik/lord-lav-cover-1
to show me my mistakes/
but he don’t have the answers/
he’s lost and just as fake…”

The real point behind this song is the realisation that the things we are often seeking be it confidence, recognition, or anything else, are often things we already possess. We don’t need to postpone living our lives until after we have done something. We are already living!  It helps to find teachers and mentors and experiences to help us realise this fact, but it really does come down to us.  There is no magic pill to make our problems go away and we’re often more able than we perhaps realise.  I got a lot of these ideas after reading the likes of ‘The Power Of Now’ and ‘No Ordinary Moments’ by Dan Millman.  Both great books in my opinion.

These are some others points I make in this song including a nice quote sampled from Eckhart Tolle himself.


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