The Rulers (live Grime verse)

The Rulers (live Grime verse), is a song I wrote that is soon to feature on my up and coming EP, ‘Keeping It Real as Only I Can’….  It’s one of my more political songs with me musing upon our current political system all over the top of a Jazz infused Grime beat I made which you can see in the link here;

It’s a woeful planet/
of stone cold granite/
can’t find the keys to the code/
won’t crack it/
hopes just vanish/
with the social baggage/
global damage/
and our souls don’t manage/
no one to trust ’cause we’re murderous/
talk about love and they’ll murder us/
a worker does, what a worker does/
and our owner buffs us/
we’re a herd of thugs/
and that’s the story that they seem to preach/
we need rulers to keep the peace/
yet we see such grief at the hands of chiefs/
but don’t test the peeps/
“security breach”/

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