Alcohol Prohibition

Whilst studying for the Wayback Machine EP I also had to learn about the 1920’s Alcohol Prohibition era in the USA.

As a rapper from the UK the very idea of banning alcohol seems completely alien to me.  As I was studying for the Wayback Machine I thought I’d look back at history.  It appears there were similar attempts to make alcohol illegal but all of which failed.  The Sale of Beer Act in 1854 restricting Sunday opening hours, had to be repealed due to widespread rioting lol….  Yes the UK appears to have always been largely a nation of drinkers.  We used to drink beer instead of water because the beer was cleaner!  With this difference in respective national history between myself and the American Drunk Pedestrians and considering mine and the DP’s very wet attitude’s it seemed necessary to include some flippant bars on the issue.

I found an extremely fascinating 3 part documentary on the history on US Alcohol Prohibition.  Click the link to check it out!

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