Irrational Time Signatures for Beat Makers

I’m going to explain the concept of irrational time signatures and how this seemingly complex subject can be utilised by music producers and beat makers on a digital audio workstation (DAW). Rather than on a score sheet where it is more commonly used in the case of more traditional music composers.

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Oppenheimer Online Beat Making!

I decided to do a bit of Oppenheimer online beat making. By that I mean I took one of the original soundtracks of the film Oppenheimer and did a bit of sample chopping and flipping to make a Hip Hop beat out of it. Given the Oscars 2024 aren’t that far away, the likes of Oppenheimer is being talked about a lot. I can’t deny the quality of the soundtrack from what I’ve heard. So it seemed like a good opportunity to take something in the current sphere and create something out of it.

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Making Fire Rapping in 3/4 Time

In this video I’m working on rapping in 3/4 time. It’s as part of this obscure song I’m working on called, “Rephrased Yesterdays” which incorporates a combination of experimentalism and vaporwave sounds. This song will incorporate numerous time signatures but one part is in the 3/4 time signature so I thought I’d demonstrate how I go about constructing a verse like this in real time.

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My Experiences Releasing My First Indie Album! – “Lord of the Dead” – 10 Years On!

I thought I’d tell you some of my experiences releasing my first indie album and how I feel about the project looking back 10 years on since I released it. Especially given we’ve just passed Halloween 2023 and the crazy album is called, “Lord of the Dead” – A Concept Rap Album about living in the mist of Zombie Apocalypse…

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WHY WORK? – Experimental LoFi Vlog

This is my first experimental lofi vlog where I experiment with numerous creative ideas I have running through my mind, visually and musically. I titled this vlog WHY WORK? Where I loosely look at the concept of work and utlise the thoughts of late anthropologist David Graeber in one of his talks on the subject of ‘BS Jobs’….

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How To Do Grime Basslines

In this video I show you how to do Grime Basslines…  Or rather I show you the basics in how to create 2 different styles of what could broadly be described as Grime basslines.  These are often commonly used in UK Garage and Jungle or Drum & Bass which are of course significant influences on Grime as a genre.Continue reading