WHY WORK? – Experimental LoFi Vlog

This is my first experimental lofi vlog where I experiment with numerous creative ideas I have running through my mind, visually and musically. I titled this vlog WHY WORK? Where I loosely look at the concept of work and utlise the thoughts of late anthropologist David Graeber in one of his talks on the subject of ‘BS Jobs’….

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How To Do Grime Basslines

In this video I show you how to do Grime Basslines…  Or rather I show you the basics in how to create 2 different styles of what could broadly be described as Grime basslines.  These are often commonly used in UK Garage and Jungle or Drum & Bass which are of course significant influences on Grime as a genre.Continue reading

Impress or Express as a Rapper?

This is a big question most artist’s seem to struggle with at some point. Whether they’re trying to impress or express as a rapper. I’m going to go a little further and explain my views on this subject in a way that should be helpful to you as a rapper or aspiring rapper.
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