This Wild Miami Vaporwave Track is How It All Began!

I created a lofi synthwave beat we’ll call it a Miami Vaporwave style beat… This actually came off of me resampling my own work and reinterpreting it into a different style. This is where it started…

Initially I sampled the piano and pad section I created for my UK Garage track Who Cares? I then took the sample, slowed and pitched it down, putting Hip Hop drums over the top. This created a lofi, vaporwave type of feel, that lent itself to some 80s style arpeggiated synths which I added later.

I initially planned on releasing this beat as it is, or perhaps leasing it out on BeatStars or something. I decided I didn’t want to focus on leasing beats, so instead thought I might write some bars to spit over the top of it. In the end I decided just doing this was too simplistic and I decided I can take this kind of vaporwave vibe and push it further for the ‘post-vaporwave’, ‘post-post modernist era’. I decided to use this beat as the basis for creating something far more experimental, looking into the concept of ‘metamodernism’.

This is what led me to challenge myself by creating a weird song, utilising multiple time signatures and even the concept of ‘irrational time signatures’. This culminated to eventually become my song ‘Rephrased Yesterdays’. A song about being caught in the sense of nostalgia, prevalent in todays world, where we lament over the past and exploring ways in which we can create something new, whilst being stuck on repeat….

Credit to Ryan Spencer for the Miami photo image used in this video.

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