Lofi Hip Hop

LOFI HIP HOP by Lord Lav

If you’re looking for those sick lofi hip hop beats and vibes, this is the place to be! Lofi Hip Hop Beats, Rhymes and Vibes from me Lord Lav – Rapper, Producer and DJ trying to Keep it Real in a Post Truth World!!

More Lofi Hip Hop Lyrics….

Check out this instrumental beat playlist I put together! MORE LOFI BEATS COMING SOON!!!

Check out these videos of me making some beats below!

I create music and make videos amongst other things.  I pretty much try and do what I feel like whilst trying to balance doing what I need to live and doing what I find fulfilling and the two don’t always overlap, probably the same as you…

I try to make new music and videos as often as I can ideally once per week. But life is a fuckry sometimes, as is our assumed current mode of production where you’re expected to constantly fart out things and feed the beast as often as possible before you die lol. 

We live in a world where everything has to be commodified one way or another in order to live, which is a bit wanky really.  But them’s the breaks and in my view it’s better to work with where we are whilst working to improve things, rather than just wishing the world was better and not doing anything about it.  So with that said, if you fancy dropping me some Ps you can also support me on Ko-fi…. It’s very much appreciated and hopefully the exchange brings you all the value you hoped for haha!…. More music to come!!

If you want to watch more videos of me making lofi hip hop beats then click the link!