This is the official website of Lord Lav – Rapper, Producer and DJ

This is my home page!  Check out the playlist below containing some of my instrumental beats with a broad mix of Lofi Hip Hop, UK Drill, UK Garage and Drum and Bass.  If you want to check out more of my music you can listen by clicking on the link Lord Lav Spotify

I’m Rapper, Producer and DJ trying to keep it real in a post truth world.  If you want to get a better understanding about who I bloody am I recommend reading my Lord Lav Bio.  In a nutshell I’m an artist from Southampton in the UK that creates and performs music within the multiples genres of Rap.  I make a lot of my own beats and I also write my own raps.  I even like to DJ and cut it up on the ones and twos… What a novelty lol….

I’ve never liked tying myself to one thing, genre or aspect and that’s becoming increasingly more difficult in a world where we have to increasingly subject ourselves to market forces and think of ourselves as sellable commodities.  Nowadays we’re encouraged to carve out a niche for ourselves and think of ourselves as a brand.  So me doing website is about me playing that very game to a degree despite wanting to free ourselves from that very game.  We can all hate it, but we still gotta play it, even if we want to change it from the inside.

That is to some level what I mean when I use the phrase, “Trying to keep it real in a post truth world.” At least partly anyway.

Check out my music and my other pages…. I trust you will find it all to be an utter delight!