Oppenheimer Online Beat Making!

I decided to do a bit of Oppenheimer online beat making. By that I mean I took one of the original soundtracks of the film Oppenheimer and did a bit of sample chopping and flipping to make a Hip Hop beat out of it. Given the Oscars 2024 aren’t that far away, the likes of Oppenheimer is being talked about a lot. I can’t deny the quality of the soundtrack from what I’ve heard. So it seemed like a good opportunity to take something in the current sphere and create something out of it.

Similarly, I’ve been enjoying using Koala Sampler as a digital audio workstation to make sample based beats as I really enjoy the work flow. It’s like a more efficient way of using an MPC with live performance capabilities similar to that of using a Roland SP404 all for a fraction of the price. It’s also given me some interesting ideas in how I can incorporate live beat making with DJing all in the same live set. I’m looking forward to seeing where all these ideas lead me!

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