Making Rap Beat – TV Show Theme – Seinfeld!

This is my first video of me making a rap beat with the TV Show Theme from the classic sitcom ‘Seinfeld’. I’m taking the theme tune and utilising samples of it to create a UK Garage beat.

Seinfeld is definitely one of my favourite sitcoms and I love the theme tune. So it was inevitable I was going to make a beat out of it. This very much like the show Frasier which is another sitcom theme tune I made a beat out of. You also check out my Frasier boom bap beat! Sampling the Frasier beat lent itself towards creating a classic ‘Jazz Hop’, ‘Boom Bap’ style beat. The Seinfeld them tune however, worked better to me by being flipped into a UK Garage style beat. A lot of that is just simply down to the fact the beat worked better at a fast pace and the theme containing a lot of strange ‘pop’ type sounds that lent itself far more to a UK Garage style track (known far more for its utilisation of eccentric sounds and blips – much like Grime music) than that of your tradition Jazz Hop, boom bap style instrumental. This video is the first instalment. In the following video making this beat, I focus on creating the bassline and finishing the overall beat off.

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