Making Fire Rapping in 3/4 Time

In this video I’m working on rapping in 3/4 time. It’s as part of this obscure song I’m working on called, “Rephrased Yesterdays” which incorporates a combination of experimentalism and vaporwave sounds. This song will incorporate numerous time signatures but one part is in the 3/4 time signature so I thought I’d demonstrate how I go about constructing a verse like this in real time.

Partial Transcript;

“Hey so here I am it’s me Lord Lav I am doing a video where I’m just breaking down essentially this verse I’m trying to write for this song which is a bit of a odd ball type of song this ain’t going to be like your normal standard boom bap type track I’m deliberately going ridiculous with this song that’s kind of in part the whole point and there are changes in time signature in it starts off at 4:4 standard like boom hip-hop type track in that sense starting at 4/4 but it slips into 3/4 it slips into 5/4 it uh then starts deviating into what you could class as irrational time signatures later on but that is something I’ll go through later down the line but basically the whole point of this track well not whole point but a partial point of this song is it’s like rephrase yesterday so it’s it’s kind of about taking one sort of thing in time and then doing it again and rehashing it again but rephrasing it that’s kind of the broad take of this whole song I’m working on so beginning of it does start like I say pretty basic standard sort of 16 bars and I go from that to taking the same type of verse but then trying to get it to fit in three four times so from four four time signature to a three four time signature which if you’re familiar with your time signatures 3/4 is kind of like a waltz type style whereas 44 is 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 – “to its transformation” we need to picture it if independence exists, see we can figure it with dissonance and the mix, free to be inhibited just like Sisyphus did, it’s all deliberate like coincidence is, I can’t change now but I still shape the future, does the same now begin cuz I can’t escape sooner, drown beaconed late bloomer, scope snared through the lucre, probe the scared doomer, hope aired like a rumour… So yeah that’s that’s uh that’s kind of roughly what the verse sounds like and then I go from that to going straight into 3/4 time because I’m silly and really the task of this video it’s me literally in real time trying to figure out how I’m going to fit this verse in a 3/4 time and it’s not going to fit perfectly like there are adaptations going to need to make in order to get it to fit to a 3/4 time.”

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