Making Fire Rapping in 3/4 Time

In this video I’m working on rapping in 3/4 time. It’s as part of this obscure song I’m working on called, “Rephrased Yesterdays” which incorporates a combination of experimentalism and vaporwave sounds. This song will incorporate numerous time signatures but one part is in the 3/4 time signature so I thought I’d demonstrate how I go about constructing a verse like this in real time.

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My Experiences Releasing My First Indie Album! – “Lord of the Dead” – 10 Years On!

I thought I’d tell you some of my experiences releasing my first indie album and how I feel about the project looking back 10 years on since I released it. Especially given we’ve just passed Halloween 2023 and the crazy album is called, “Lord of the Dead” – A Concept Rap Album about living in the mist of Zombie Apocalypse…

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How To Do Grime Basslines

In this video I show you how to do Grime Basslines…  Or rather I show you the basics in how to create 2 different styles of what could broadly be described as Grime basslines.  These are often commonly used in UK Garage and Jungle or Drum & Bass which are of course significant influences on Grime as a genre.Continue reading