How to Recreate the Korg M1 Organ Sound

Here’s a quick video showing How to Recreate the Korg M1 Organ Sound well known sound in a lot of classic 90s House and Garage Music….

Partial Video Transcript;

This is Lord Lav steady microphone and I am here looking like a budget versionof a Sith Lord because I’m a bit ill because of time of year and stuff but I don’t care we’re gonna plow through thenonsense anyway because we can because I have them skills and I’m gonna do avideo this one’s gonna be a quick video about how to create or how to recreatethe organ sound you get on a korg m1which is a well known synthesizer and awell known sound that has been used historically across loads of like late 80s to nineties all the way up to earlynoughties house and a lot of like garage took the UK carriage as well you’drecognize the sounds that the organ tone and sound in like songs like Robin S Show me love you can hear it in crystal waters song gypsy woman you can hear it in kind of Garage tracks like one-off somewhere to be something like that in dough track called are you sleeping like that kind of organ types in town you hear in a hell of a lot of like dance music in general so I’m going to show you how I go about recreating it because you know not all of us has got a synth to hand but nowadays we do have a ton of software synthesizers that you can still utilize and recreate the sound sound with so here I am I am in Logic X and itis an old version because I have a stupidly old laptop that is held together by hope and sellotape and a newhard drive which is why it’s still going and I can’t up there but I’m still working what I’ve got because them’s the brakes and this is life we live where we gotta work with what we’ve got because we can’t just spunk a load of money on whatever the we want because I don’t know that’s capitalism in it anyway where we are here and we have a empty software instrument and I am going to open up an instance for alchemy which is a great synth on Logic X does way more than what I need to do here so for one of those a whole ton of stuff I could do if I wanted to but I’m not going to I’m just gonna click on advanced pretty much any synthesizer that’s got like three oscillators one filter a one envelope should probably be able to do what we want to do here…”

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