3 AMAZING TIPS on Sampling Everyday Sounds in Music!

Here are 3 AMAZING TIPS on Sampling Everyday Sounds in Music and how to take samples from everyday life and flip them into something musical…

3 Tips include;

1.Chopping Up the Sample
2.Turning The Sample into an Instrument
3.Granular Synthesis

Partial Video Transcript;

“Hey it’s Lord Lav in this video I’m going to show you three awesome tips as to how to sample everyday sounds and to how to utilize those samples so to start things off let’s go into this quickly we have a sample which I utilized it’s abig ass long sample of me going into going up walking to the shops basically to buy some beers and I’ve just taken this sound and flipped it into something musicals so you can hear a bit of it here I’m not going to necessarily use exactly this bit but I came up with the beginning of that and I’ve taken a small section of it you can hear the whole audio here this bit above and I found a section of it which is just me on the checkout which you can hear here and that sounds pretty dull and like nothing special to it this video is just going to be about how you take something like that and turn it into somethingMusical and potentially useful so let’s get into it so to show you the first method which is probably the most basicI have started off with a drum break like a real basic drum break foreign and all I’m going to do with that drum break is that’s just going to be drums to play the samples to and basically what I’ve done is I’ve started off with Serato sample which is a good um software sampler really easy to manipulate lots of different sounds indifferent ways and I’ve just found the most what to me is some of the most interesting sounds within that sample I had and I’m just in a percussive sort of way a bit like as if I had different drum brakes just taking the samples and playing them like like I am on drum pads basically uh and and yeah playing the sample like that so I’ve got five samples here of what to me uh briefly some of the most interesting sounds which are this one check out a bit of the checkout…”

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