WHY WORK? – Experimental LoFi Vlog

This is my first experimental lofi vlog where I experiment with numerous creative ideas I have running through my mind, visually and musically. I titled this vlog WHY WORK? Where I loosely look at the concept of work and utlise the thoughts of late anthropologist David Graeber in one of his talks on the subject of ‘BS Jobs’….

Some Video Footage taken from ‘Pixabay’






Video Transcript;

I see you working but
what you really working on?
I ain’t sniffing the grind, I’m spitting
you know this life ain’t long
too quick to keep spinning
and missing this brief minute
we fidget to fit business
wishing we lived this glib image
and scrimmage to seek privilege
to think we’re free’s mythic
but we’re too damn busy, keep feeding
these bleak limits
push ourselves to the brink
to be on a grind mindset
there’s no f***ing time to think
f*** it, there’s no time left
take a breath, check the deck
to see sense
there’s work but where’s worth
if you’re just free at weekends?
You’re working for yourself, or you’re
working for the grind,
you’re working because society
forced you to f***ing climb
but the hustle continues and I hate
the minutes I waste
I hate those that
set the grid to grind in the first place
sell off pieces of life to misery to survive
we’re more than just our work, we
need to be free to thrive
but devised plots distract us from a better reframing
price profit and value never
meant the same thing
you know it don’t have to be the way
it currently is
a life don’t boil to minutes but the way
you exist
you’re more than your last caption
a played alias
on a dying wish there’s no script
stay spontaneous
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