Mississippi Delta 1920 (Music Video)

So here’s the Mississippi Delta 1920 music video which is the first track off of the ‘Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine‘ a Rap EP all about time travel.  This song takes us to Mississippi Delta during the year 1920 and is about the prominence of the blues from that area as well as a look at the awful idea that was prohibition.  Basically, I’m rapping about everything from blues to booze!!  Go check it out here;Continue reading

A Change in My Politics

There’s been a change in my politics recently, particularly in recent months.  A very sharp change in fact. After my country’s recent decision to leave the EU that’s become all the more apparent.  There was once upon a time I dreamed of the UK leaving the EU and seriously hoped that would happen.  Yet ironically when it came to actually voting, I chose to Remain and was similarly depressed by our democratic decision to leave.   So how and why did my politics change so much and what was my politics in the first place??Continue reading

Looks Like I Need to Make More Grime

So it looks like I need to make more Grime music.  Generally I’ve made Hip Hop music as that has been my biggest influence.  My entry into rapping came from underground Hip Hop both in the US and the UK before Grime was even considered a subgenre.  That being said Grime has always been in the background throughout the years of me honing my craft, even if the subgenre hadn’t initially been ‘coined’.  It’s crazy how popular grime is becoming, with artist’s such as Dizzee Rascal and Skepta getting interviewed on Sway in the Morning as well as Hot 97 in the US.  It’s great that UK rap is getting a lot of world wide notoriety.  It’s hard not to take influence.  Much like all my other influences from Trip Hop, House, and UK Garage.Continue reading