Alcoholic Creativity

So I got to thinking about alcoholic creativity and whether it really exists.  The very idea of alcoholic creativity might sound ridiculous. It is a rather obscure idea but I thought I’d talk about it in this post regardless. Part of the reason is at the time of writing this post, I am presently in one of my local haunts enjoying the fact that I’m not DJing for once and indulging in the many alcoholic delights a free weekend might present! Big up to the lovely lady I affectionately know as Governor Gibbo for providing me with fine alcoholic libations as and when I need them!

I feel it is appropriate to talk about alcohol, drugs in general and their creative benefits.

Please forgive me if this post is a tad all over the place, I am verging on the side of drunkard at this point so please bare with me.

If I’m honest I don’t advocate drug use of any kind. I think there is little to no benfit in trying any drug if there is any benfit at all.  I am someone that, at the point of writing this post have only ever indulged in caffeine and alcohol. I have no intention of ever doing another drug be it legal or otherwise. That being said many of my friends and people I admire have done numerous drugs and I’ve had the great fortune of being around other drug users. The conclusion I have come to through all of this is that use and abuse are 2 very different things. I have indeed abused drugs i.e. alcohol in my case and therefore can never take the moral high ground over someone that abuses cannibis or cocaine for example. All of those drugs can have negative affects on the body not to mention your social life and life in general. My argument however would be that these negative effects are more as a result of abuse rather than simple use of a drug.  One should not trust what a government choses is legal and ok to use as to how safe a drug is. I would argue that use of alcohol is far worse than use of cannibis for example and this is as someone that has only used alcohol and has no intention of using cannibis.

Although I am a user and on some occasions an abuser of alcohol I have to be aware of the factlord-lav-cover-1 that it has negatives effects as do all drugs and I should not trust it just because it is socially acceptable. I think it is ok for one to use and experiment with a drug, but one should also be able to develop the individual discipline to use a drug without abusing it. Or at least use a drug without developing a dependency on it.

On numerous occasions you will come across people that use alcohol simply for social lubrication and can’t find a way to function at parties or social gatherings without it. That to me, is every bit as bad as someone that needs the confidence pick me up of a line of cocaine, or the chill out of a spliff.  Need of any drug is bad whatever the drug is legal or illegal and one should learn to function coherently with or without the avaialblity of the drug.

But aside from that I want to talk about the drug I know best, alcohol, and the benefits of drinking it.  For me alcohol can tap into a part of your mind and emotions that might not be quite as accessible without it.  The first song I ever wrote that I ever released on CD was a song called ‘Hate Myself Today’ and that was written almost entirely whilst drunk.  Especially the lyrics. Alcohol use can be a great way to access some of those raw emotions you feel that might not be quite as accesible without being intoxicated.

For me alcohol provides an avenue to truely feel and express my raw emotions quickly be they good or bad.  I don’t feel that using alcohol to access these emotions is necessarily bad thing. However, I will say that if I needed alcohol to access these emotions, that would be a very bad thing. One should most defintely learn to function in all worldly endeavours without the use of drugs and learn to be ok with themselves in a sober frame  of mind.

I subscribe to the philsophy put forth in Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. To paraphase some of the ideas put forth in that book, it basically mentions numerous creative people and mentions a couple of poets that actaully used alcohol to write some of their poetry that was considered genius at the time. It also states that though these people made great creative works be it poetry or otherwise, it was their constant use of that very drug, that destroyed them in the end often resulting in death.

The book also gave numerous examples of ways a person might access their creativity, one of which was alcohol and narcotics. What I think is accurate about the book and to a large degree nullifies the benefit one might gain from drug use in order to access creativity, is that narcotics and alcohol are considered bottom of the pile of available resoureses to access one’s creativity. Top of the list however is humans inherent desire for sex and using that desire as a means for developing ones creativity. This is described in the book as ‘sex transmutation’.

I could talk for ages about my personal use of sex transmutation as well as other means for accessing ones creativity.  But for now I shall summarise this post by talking about my feelings on alcoholic creativity and using drugs to develop ones creativity in general.

Personally I think that drugs can help you access your creativity more quickly. They can put your head in a certain space not as quickly or as easily accessible without the drug. However I will say this is merely something that is available to you once you have developed the ability in a sober frame of mind. I tend to think one should learn to develop their creativity without drugs of any kind, then once they become proficient in expressing their creativity then by all means one can use drugs to express their creativtiy as long as they don’t become dependent on it and don’t use a drug as a crutch for their creativity.

Any creativity you are able to express is something that is inside you and not the result of any external forces. External forces might help you waken these sides of yourself but creativity is like a muscle.  You have to practice flexing it over time and as a result one learns to express the natural creativity that is already within them. Drugs might help coax them out but they most certainly are not a necessity and from my experience alcohol is merely an aid to help me find the raw emotions a bit more quickly but by no means a mandatory part of my creative process.

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