The Old West

I also had a look back at The Old West, in studying for The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine.  By ‘The Old West’ I mean the American Frontier, or 19th Century western USA, or the ‘Wild West’ as some might call it.Continue reading

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Learn How To Rap eBook cover

How To Freestyle Rap

I made a video on how to freestyle rap.  Following on from my post Why Should Every Rapper Freestyle I created this video giving you a powerful tip in learning how to freestyle, or in other words learn how to improvise and rap and craft lyrics on the fly and off the top of your head.Continue reading

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The 1970’s

Another era we looked at for ‘The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’  was the 1970’s.Continue reading

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Ancient Egypt Song

So here’s another era in time I had to learn about whilst studying for ‘The Wayback Machine’ EP.  Ancient Egypt!  This is about my Ancient Egypt Song!Continue reading

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The Good Vibe Video

The Making of The Good Vibe

I did a YouTube video showing the making of The Good Vibe which is a song I did off my first EP, The Bog Standard EP.Continue reading

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Alcohol Prohibition

Whilst studying for the Wayback Machine EP I also had to learn about the 1920’s Alcohol Prohibition era in the USA.Continue reading

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Cocaine Cowboys

Studying for the Wayback Machine once again I watched the documentary Cocaine Cowboys!  I’m going to give you another taster as some of the subject matter that is going to be in this Rap EP about Time Travel, ‘The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’.  Continue reading

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The Blues

Let me explain why there’s a song on my new EP with Drunk Pedestrians about the blues!  I’ve been studying for the wayback machine.  Basically I’ve been writing the lyrics for this up and coming EP about Time Travel, ‘Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’ and it’s been like a constant history lesson.  Not that I’m complaining!  Continue reading

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Back to the Future Day

It was ‘Back to the Future’ Day 2 days ago, I thought I’d bang on about it even more as I’ve always been obsessed with the concept of Time Travel ever since I was a pup.  The ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy are some of my favourite films ever!Continue reading

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Making a Grime Track from Scratch

Here’s a video showing me making a Grime track from scratch.  Although I consider myself more of a Hip Hop artist than a Grime artist, being from the UK and being a rapper there is no getting away from the Grime influence which runs deep in the UK.Continue reading

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