Making 80s Horror Style Hip Hop Beat

In this video I create an 80s horror style Hip Hop beat (Horrorcore).  I used this beat to make a satirical song about the current UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit. (I don’t like her lol)….. This new song is going to be called ‘Article 50 Shades of May’ and is going to be released on Patreon.

Check out the video below;

I produced this instrumental using Logic X along with the newly released plugin, Serato Sample which I think is an excellent plugin for anyone wanting to do any sort of sample based production.  It’s the easiest and most intuitive software I’ve used in terms of being able to time-stretch a sample without changing the samples pitch, or changing a samples key without stretching the time.  It’s the best piece of software I’ve used for samples because it also manages to do this to an extreme degree all without it causing the sample sound quality to deteriorate.

Anyway enjoy the video and keep an eye out for when I release the new song ‘Article 50 Shades of May’.

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