Alcoholic Creativity

So I got to thinking about alcoholic creativity and whether it really exists.  The very idea of alcoholic creativity might sound ridiculous. It is a rather obscure idea but I thought I’d talk about it in this post regardless. Part of the reason is at the time of writing this post, I am presently in one of my local haunts enjoying the fact that I’m not DJing for once and indulging in the many alcoholic delights a free weekend might present! Big up to the lovely lady I affectionately know as Governor Gibbo for providing me with fine alcoholic libations as and when I need them!

I feel it is appropriate to talk about alcohol, drugs in general and their creative benefits.

Please forgive me if this post is a tad all over the place, I am verging on the side of drunkard at this point so please bare with me.Continue reading

Underground Hip Hop and Capitalism

I’ve spent a long time thinking about underground hip hop and capitalism and in particular what my stance is when it comes the capitalism.  There seems to be this assumption in underground Hip Hop circles that money and capitalism has somehow killed off the life and soul of Hip Hop.  That the ‘Golden Age’ of Hip Hop will never be resurrected because of the desire for big money, in what is perceived a soulless and treacherous industry, where it is all about the dough and nothing to do with the music.  I’ve heard numerous people say, ‘It shouldn’t be about the money, it should just be about the music….’Continue reading