Role Models

“No more role models up in here….” said Skinnyman on his classic song ‘No Big Ting’.

We all have role models whether it’s a parent, a friend we admire ,or a celebrity. But let’s put these people into perspective. They are only human, just like us! We can admire them, but we must realise that they are not us and it is not our job to become them either. They are merely a reflection of the likeable side of ourselves. They show us what we are capable of as human beings and give us an idea of how we can have and do the things they do and have in their lives.Continue reading

Cider Rap!!

Here’s a song titled ‘Cyder Attack‘ a cider rap if you will, combining two of my favourite things cider and rap!

This is actually a song I wrote a long time ago. It certainly isn’t new and is one of the first songs I ever wrote and recorded.  I decided to post it here as it is one of the songs I get requested to play most when I’m performing live.

There might be some confusion as to what I mean by cider or ‘cyder‘ as I spell it.  I’m sure the majority of people reading this in the UK know what I mean by cider but people in other parts of the world don’t necessarily know it as the messy alcoholic beverage that it is in my country. I’ve heard that cider in America is actually a non-alcoholic beverage and is more like apple juice which sounds ridiculous to me but here we are….Continue reading