The Rulers (live Grime verse)

The Rulers (live Grime verse), is a song I wrote that is soon to feature on my up and coming EP, ‘Keeping It Real as Only I Can’….  It’s one of my more political songs with me musing upon our current political system all over the top of a Jazz infused Grime beat I made which you can see in the link here;Continue reading

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Lyric Video for Miami 1986

I’ve posted a new lyric video for Miami 1986, a song off of the Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine.

Sometimes he best way to understand the meanings behind different song is to actually read the lyrics.  And there’s no better way to do that than through doing a lyrics video so you can read along to the music and get a better idea of whatever the hell I’m banging on about through my songs….Continue reading

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A Change in My Politics

There’s been a change in my politics recently, particularly in recent months.  A very sharp change in fact. After my country’s recent decision to leave the EU that’s become all the more apparent.  There was once upon a time I dreamed of the UK leaving the EU and seriously hoped that would happen.  Yet ironically when it came to actually voting, I chose to Remain and was similarly depressed by our democratic decision to leave.   So how and why did my politics change so much and what was my politics in the first place??Continue reading

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