Making an EskiBeat

So here’s a video of me making an Eskibeat.  The phrase ‘eskibeat’ came from ‘Eskimo‘ which is the name given to arguably the first ever Grime instrumental.Continue reading

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Raw Zone Pic

AFTV:Raw Zone

So the good guys of Art Formz featured me in one of their videos for AFTV Raw Zone.Continue reading

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The Mystery of Death

The Mystery of Death was the second song I wrote for my zombie rap album Lord of the Dead.Continue reading

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zombie comic image

What is the Obsession with Zombies?

“What is the obsession with zombies anyway Lav??….”  That’s a question I often get asked.  And it’s a good question at that…Continue reading

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Hate Myself Today

There is a new song I have put up on my YouTube and Soundcloud channels titled Hate Myself Today.Continue reading

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