Making a Grime Beat with a Twist of Jazz

This video shows me making a Grime beat with a twist Jazz!  This is following on from the reception I got from my older video showing me Making a Grime Instrumental from Scratch.Continue reading

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Learning from Drum and Bass MCs

I’ve been learning from Drum and Bass MCs recently.  It’s a genre I’ve always loved and been a fan of as well as Jungle but it’s only with this song I’ve been working on with producer Al Pack that I’ve finally had a chance to try and flex my own skills as an MC in that genre.  As I showed in my post and video a Hip Hop Artist’s First Attempt at Drum and Bass.Continue reading

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Lav new banner flats

Simplicity and Limitation

There is power in simplicity and limitation!  That’s something I’ve been reminded of this week…Continue reading

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Looks Like I Need to Make More Grime

So it looks like I need to make more Grime music.  Generally I’ve made Hip Hop music as that has been my biggest influence.  My entry into rapping came from underground Hip Hop both in the US and the UK before Grime was even considered a subgenre.  That being said Grime has always been in the background throughout the years of me honing my craft, even if the subgenre hadn’t initially been ‘coined’.  It’s crazy how popular grime is becoming, with artist’s such as Dizzee Rascal and Skepta getting interviewed on Sway in the Morning as well as Hot 97 in the US.  It’s great that UK rap is getting a lot of world wide notoriety.  It’s hard not to take influence.  Much like all my other influences from Trip Hop, House, and UK Garage.Continue reading

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Making an Old School Hip Hop Beat Sampling Ren and Stimpy

So here’s a video showing the making of an old school Hip Hop beat sampling Ren and Stimpy.  When I say sampling Ren and Stimpy, I mean the Ren and Stimpy theme song.  It’s one of my favourite cartoons (and in fact one of my favourite shows) ever!Continue reading

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Tinnies in a Backpack Image

The Making of ‘Tinnies in a Backpack’

In this video I show you the making of ‘Tinnies in a Backpack’.  This is essentially a Hip Hop beat at 93bpm but to put a different slant on the whole beat making process, I decided to use what could be considered deep house production style techniques, a little bit like I did in my first grime influenced track.Continue reading

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B.O.B Flat Earth

The B.O.B flat earth debacle demonstrates perfectly how rich and famous entertainers can be so unbelievably ignorant, gullible and arguably really fucking stupid!! …..OR NOT!!Continue reading

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Making a Soulful Old School Hip Hop Beat

In this video I show you how I went about making a soulful old school Hip Hop beat.

This video shows how I made my song ‘Opened Out’ which features on my first ever release The Bog Standard EP.  Putting this together was a lot of fun, I could play with Soul and Jazz samples all day long.Continue reading

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The Future

I couldn’t do an EP about time travel without looking into the future.  That’s what ‘The Marvelous Adventures of the Wayback Machine’ is supposed to be about.Continue reading

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Cider Pic

The Making of Cider Attack

I created a video showing the making of cider attack.  Otherwise known as ‘Cyder Attack’.  I explain the reason for the song and my rather obscure spelling of the word ‘cyder’ in my blog post Cider Rap.Continue reading

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