What Equipment Do You Need to Make Hip Hop & Grime?

What equipment do you need to make Hip Hop & Grime? In this video I show you what you need to produce Grime and Hip Hop music without a vocal booth…

I did this video because I’ve been asked many times what equipment is needed to make Hip Hop and Grime music.  People often think that you need to spend money on really expensive recording studios.  What people often forget is music like Grime and Hip Hop actually came out of very m0dest means and was in fact a reaction to a lot of barriers placed on groups of people that lacked the ability to spend money on big time studios or studio equipment.  This video is intended to show that you don’t actually need to spend tons of money to create your own music studio, or to spend that money on other studios.  In fact at the time of writing this post I think there is perhaps one song I made that was in a professional recording studio.  All my other songs that you can hear on the likes of Spotify, were either created in my bedroom when I was living at my parents or at the living room of my flat.  The broader point being, don’t let perceived limitations hold you back.  Go and make something anyway!

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